Visual Git integrated into Visual C++ 6

Git from whatever IDE you use

Still using IDEs like Visual Basic 6, Visual C++ 6, or PowerBuilder, but want to modernize your delivery practices? Visual Git integrates Git into your IDEs, allowing you to protect your investment in existing code while embracing modern DevOps tools.

Compatible with what you already have. Git like it's 1999.

Visual Git is an MSSCCI plugin, which means it will work with any compatible host, such as Visual Basic, Visual C++, Matlab, PowerBuilder, and more, without any custom code to integrate required.

Diff and history views

Don't leave your IDE.

Visual Git tries to make it so you don't have to fall back to the Git CLI for everyday task, by integrating into the IDE's existing support. Common operations like clones, commits, and history can be performed without having to switch to another tool. If you're used an existing source control provider in the IDE like SourceSafe or Perforce, Visual Git will have the same interface.

Diff and history views

Built on a solid foundation.

Visual Git is built on libgit2, the same battle-tested, open-source library that powers everything from GitHub to GitLab.

Compatible with legacy environments.

Regardless if you have to run your development environment in a legacy version of Windows, or a modern one, Visual Git will support it. Windows 2000 or newer is required.